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The photos used through out this website have been from experiences in Carolyn's life. Most recently Carolyn has been to Portugal.


Carolyn Dion

Carolyn Dion is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Washington: #LH00006685

Carolyn received her Masters of Arts in Psychology from Antioch University and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Washington. She has over 20 years experience in a fortune 500 company working as a manager and supervisor giving her great insight into the human condition. One change for Carolyn began in 1992 when she began her private practice in Bellevue. In support of her counseling practice she also served as an Employee Assistant Counselor for the local school district. Carolyn is a member of the American Mental Health Counselors Association, the Washington Mental Health Counselors Association, The American Psychotherapy Association and the American Counselors Association.

Counseling Methods

Carolyn is active in therapy. She asks questions, offers observations, and looks for patterns in the aspects of your life that you share with her. She relies on you to set the direction for therapy as she believes you are the final expert for your life. Only you can make your decisions. Carolyn places considerable trust in your unique healing process. Carolyn often uses metaphor, guided imagery, body symptoms, gestalt, insight and cognitive behavioral therapy and relaxation training when working with individuals and couples. You may expect to receive homework assignments and to be an active participant in your healing process.

The process Carolyn relies upon involves talking about emotional experiences, past and present that are sources of concern and anxiety. This is not a linear process and therefore can be a bit unpredictable. There will be times when you feel angry, frustrated of depressed and not hopeful. These reactions will probably be temporary and you should expect that experiencing mixed feelings will be part of the therapy process. Though there will be difficult periods, you will be working together to achieve the goals you have identified. If you ever become concerned that what you are doing is not in keeping with your goals, please talk with Carolyn about it. While the primary therapeutic technique you will be using is talking you may also find that it is helpful to supplement that with additional creative processes (i.e., writing, drawing, meditation, yoga, etc.) and other activities that may assist you to experience levels of your Self that are not accessible through talk.