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The photos used through out this website are from experiences in Carolyn's life. Most recently Carolyn has been to Portugal.


The mission of Carolyn Dion MA, LMHC PLLC is to empower change and transformation within individuals. The approach is gentle and the change often subtle and occurs over time as you focus on your objectives.

As an active licensed therapist, Carolyn Dion is involved by asking questions, offering observations, looking for patterns. As the direction you choose for your life emerges, she will guide you to achieve success with your unique healing process.

Traveling and hiking in foreign countries are several of Carolyn's passions. Over the years she has learned the joy of discovery; often that entails committed effort. She believes that each of us walks a unique path. If we choose to uncover our own truth and path it will lead to personal satisfaction and acceptance of our journey. Self acceptance brings a much treasured gift.

Carolyn Dion's Values and Beliefs