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The photos used through out this website are from experiences in Carolyn's life. Most recently Carolyn has been to Portugal.


Individual and Couples Counseling

There are many reasons to seek counseling. You may feel hopeless, listless, losing weight, or gaining weight. You may be sleeping more or sleeping less. Nothing seems to make a difference and life has lost its color and excitement. You may be experiencing depression. Depression has many sources; chronic illness, relationship issues, physical pain or life transition. Perhaps you are facing a terminal illness or grieving the loss of a loved one or the loss of a beloved pet. The loss of employment often creates a sense of frustration and helplessness, and you don't see a way out.

You may experience high blood pressure, or feel " stressed" out and that you just can't make it. Maybe you are not able to concentrate, you are not able to relax and enjoy your life. These are common symptoms of anxiety. Again, there are many causes of anxiety including relationship issues, life transition issues, losing a job, getting a job, children leaving home, the teen years, a spiritual crisis or friction with a co-worker. In the hectic and chaotic world of today; anxiety is a often a companion.

Each of you is unique and Carolyn will work with you in creating the path to your healing. That may include life coaching, couples therapy, relationship counseling, guided imagery, wellness coaching and other therapeutic modalities working for you to help guide your journey.